There are 3 main categories of rats/mice namely, Brown Rats, Roof Rats and house mice.

Characteristics of Rodents

  • A pair of rats/mice can produce up to 2,000 offsprings a year
  • They are highly agile - A mouse can enter a building through a gap of 1cm square with ease
  • Rats/mice gnaw through almost everything to sharpen their chisel-like front teeth

Hazards caused

  • Fire
  • Contamination
  • Diseases like Jaundice, Weil's Disease and plague.

Control Method

  • Initially we will set up bait stations at strategic positions. Tracking powder would be deployed to monitor their movement and implementation of rodent proofing after evaluation.
  • Our rat baits are impregnated with our special anti-coagulant rodenticides. It is coloured red for easy identification.
  • We will check the baits and replenish the soiled baits as well as set up additional bait stations if the need arises.
  • For open areas like outdoor areas, outdoor exhibition and surrounding areas, all weather wax cube baits will be placed.
  • Other methods like the placing of dust and gel will be put into use if it is necessary.

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